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Band Mode Min
 CallsignDXFlagsStart TimeBandMode 
IK8IJN IN3DNS Italy - Italy 06:1240mPSK31 
R1BCE RA3XDV European Russia - European Russia 06:1140mPSK31 
VK7AC SP7FFY Australia - Poland 06:1130mJT65 
DS1RLZ DS1STV Republic of Korea (S. Korea) - Republic of Korea (S. Korea) 06:1140mCW 
FK8DD JA4FKX New Caledonia - Japan 06:1020mJT65 
F4AOS ES2HV France - Estonia 06:1030mJT65A 
F4CYH RU3DAB France - European Russia 06:1020mJT65 
HA7NB DK0DFF/P Hungary - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:1080MSSB 
SP7IIT YO2UH Poland - Romania 06:1040MPSK63 
SQ5AXA RO25KO Poland - European Russia 06:1020mLSB 
SQ9MSI PA0VLY Poland - Netherlands 06:0940mJT65 
PE1BSF LA1SNA Netherlands - Norway 06:0940mJT65 
UT7IS OH1NHU Ukraine - Finland 06:0940mPSK31 
M0HJS DG0RG England - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:0860mJT65 
OE5KKP DL6KVB/P Austria - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:0840mPSK31 
VK7AC OZ1AXG Australia - Denmark 06:0830mJT65 
W7PWN KL7N United States - Alaska 06:0840mJT65 
SQ7EQB 4Z69TT Poland - Israel 06:0820MSSB 
UA0LOF RA9H Asiatic Russia - Asiatic Russia 06:0720mJT65 
SP7IIT UA3PVT Poland - European Russia 06:0740MPSK63 
EA1IPN YL2GJX Spain - Latvia 06:0740mJT9 
F1PWS DM2DMI France - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:0640mJT65 
PA5RH OE7GJ Netherlands - Austria 06:0540mJT9 
UT7IS R1BCE Ukraine - European Russia 06:0540mPSK31 
IK8IJN SQ3JPV Italy - Poland 06:0540mPSK63 
SQ7EQB R75GAK Poland - European Russia 06:0520MCW 
OP4A ES4RLH Belgium - Estonia 06:0430mJT65 
SP7IIT OH1NHU Poland - Finland 06:0430MPSK63 
F4AOS SP5UFE France - Poland 06:0330mJT65A 
FK8DD JA3GZF New Caledonia - Japan 06:0320mJT65 
EW8CM R6DFV Belarus - European Russia 06:0320MSSB 
PA3GLH 7X3WPL Netherlands - Algeria 06:0220mCW 
R1BCE UT7IS European Russia - Ukraine 06:0240mPSK31 
IZ1RHY DL1ESZ Italy - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:0240mJT9 
VK7AC W6JJY Australia - United States 06:0230mJT65 
UT7IS R3TGZ Ukraine - European Russia 06:0240mPSK31 
SP7IIT RN3AOE Poland - European Russia 06:0130MPSK63 
YB1TJ A25UK Indonesia - Botswana 06:0117mCW 
F8AEJ SP4OLL France - Poland 06:0030mJT65 
YL2NX DL8DBW Latvia - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:0030mJT65 
W7PWN WB2JEP United States - United States 06:0040mJT65 
S52UF R75GAK Slovenia - European Russia 06:0020mCW 
I2AOX RO25KO Italy - Asiatic Russia 06:0020mSSB 
PA2LR LY2BIS/P Netherlands - Lithuania 06:0040mSSB 
N7MDW WB1EAZ United States - United States 05:5930mJT65 
F1DSZ ZL3KR France - New Zealand 05:5940mJT65 
EW8CM R9WSC Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:5920MSSB 
SQ7EQB A25UK Poland - Botswana 05:5920MSSB 
IK8IJN Z33A Italy - Macedonia 05:5940mPSK31 
PA3CPS IV3FSG Netherlands - Italy 05:5840mJT65 
VK7XX T30TM Australia - Western Kiribati 05:5820mSSB 
I2AOX R75GAK Italy - European Russia 05:5820mCW 
RA0J UA4ATB Asiatic Russia - European Russia 05:5820MJT65 
DJ4WM UX5MR Fed. Republic of Germany - Ukraine 05:5730mJT65 
SQ5AXA RO25RO Poland - European Russia 05:5740mLSB 
PA5RH AB4QS Netherlands - United States 05:5740mJT9 
EW8CM UA4CGB Belarus - European Russia 05:5720MSSB 
PD1WO A25UK Netherlands - Botswana 05:5720mUSB 
PB5X VK2CIA Netherlands - Australia 05:5720mUSB 
N4ZED EA5CTE United States - Spain 05:5640mLSB 
OE6TQG R75GAK Austria - European Russia 05:5620MCW 
IZ8XJJ LY2BIS/P Italy - Lithuania 05:5640mSSB 
VK7XX VK8KMD Australia - Australia 05:5620mSSB 
UC6UAM 4L4WK European Russia - Georgia 05:5640MSSB 
IK7XNF YR56GC Italy - Romania 05:5640mCW 
VK7XX N5AQ Australia - United States 05:5520mSSB 
I2AOX UB5O/M Italy - European Russia 05:5440mCW 
RA3QEH RK3WV European Russia - European Russia 05:5480MSSB 
YL2NX YO2IS Latvia - Romania 05:5330mJT65 
EW8CM UA9WFR Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:5320MSSB 
4X4WU UR4EZ Israel - Ukraine 05:5220mCW 
IT9WRZ A25UK Italy - Botswana 05:5220mSSB 
SM5YRA A25UK Sweden - Botswana 05:5220mUSB 
F6HUK PA0VLY France - Netherlands 05:5240mJT65 
IZ1RHY AB4QS Italy - United States 05:5140mJT9 
EW8CM UA9YEF Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:5120MSSB 
IK7XNF EN92IARD Italy - Ukraine 05:5140mCW 
F4FSY ZL4CTS France - New Zealand 05:5040mJT65 
YO3DLK SP3PWL Romania - Poland 05:5040mPSK63 
F1PWS DB1HEF France - Fed. Republic of Germany 05:5040mJT65 
IK4CBO VK2CIA Italy - Australia 05:5020mUSB 
RA3QEH UA3ZCI European Russia - European Russia 05:5080MSSB 
EW8CM UA9CMN Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:5020MSSB 
YO9ILA A25UK Romania - Botswana 05:5020mSSB 
SQ5AXA R75GAK Poland - European Russia 05:4920mLSB 
UT7IS OK1URO Ukraine - Czech Republic 05:4940mPSK31 
R1BCE DL6KVB/P European Russia - Fed. Republic of Germany 05:4840mPSK31 
IK8IJN SP3PWL Italy - Poland 05:4840mPSK63 
N7MDW KH6OO United States - Hawaii 05:4730mJT65 
R3XAR R1ZBR/3/M European Russia - European Russia 05:462mFM 
DM2RM E51DWC Fed. Republic of Germany - South Cook Is. 05:4620mCW 
UC6UAM RK6BP European Russia - European Russia 05:4640MSSB 
UC6UAM R6DCE European Russia - European Russia 05:4640MSSB 
PB5X A25UK Netherlands - Botswana 05:4520mUSB 
IU5CJP VK2CIA Italy - Australia 05:4520mSSB 
SP5AIK VK3FM Poland - Australia 05:4520mJT65 
RA4CTG EW7EW European Russia - Belarus 05:4440MLSB 
IK2TDM A25UK Italy - Botswana 05:4420mSSB 
R1BCE UA1ZQN European Russia - European Russia 05:4340mPSK31 
EW8CM UA9UNM Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:4320MSSB 
SM0FPR EW2EO Sweden - Belarus 05:4240mCW 
IT9YOZ E51DWC Italy - South Cook Is. 05:4220mCW 
IK7XNF UB50/M Italy - Asiatic Russia 05:4220mCW 
EW8CM UN0OA Belarus - Kazakhstan 05:4220MSSB 
WB4RA MM0CPZ United States - Scotland 05:4140mJT65 
US5LO OA4DOS Ukraine - Peru 05:4120MJT65 
EW8CM UA4PNT Belarus - European Russia 05:4120MSSB 
OZ1EEY AB4QS Denmark - United States 05:4040mJT9 
9K2WA A71TA Kuwait - Qatar 05:4040mSSB 
VK7XX AL7F Australia - Alaska 05:3920mSSB 
EW8CM UA9SQZ Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:3920MSSB 
YO9BCM A25UK Romania - Botswana 05:3917mCW 
IT9YOZ E51DWC Italy - South Cook Is. 05:3820mCW 
W7PWN KH6OO United States - Hawaii 05:3830mJT65 
F8BUO A25UK France - Botswana 05:3820mSSB 
ZS6ZA SA7AKE Republic of South Africa - Sweden 05:3820mJT65 
EW8CM UN7JAV Belarus - Kazakhstan 05:3820MSSB 
DJ4WM EA5WI Fed. Republic of Germany - Spain 05:3730mJT65 
VK7AC IK1HJQ Australia - Italy 05:3730mJT65 
SP7IIT AP2AM Poland - Pakistan 05:3720MJT65 
OE5KKP EU6AA Austria - Belarus 05:3740mPSK63 
2E1ADT EW2W England - Belarus 05:3740mCW 
IZ1RHY M0AAX Italy - England 05:3640mJT65 
UT7IS R7JK Ukraine - European Russia 05:3640mPSK31 
IZ7GIT E51DWC Italy - South Cook Is. 05:3620mCW 
EW8CM UA9HL Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:3620MSSB 
EW8CM RK9AV Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:3520MSSB 
VK7AC SP4OLL Australia - Poland 05:3430mJT65 
RA3QEH PA3CPS European Russia - Netherlands 05:3440MJT65 
RK6AC YL3BF European Russia - Latvia 05:3330mJT65 
F4FSY WD1Z France - United States 05:3240mJT65 
UR3RAM RO25RO Ukraine - European Russia 05:3240MSSB 
EW8CM RA0CDR Belarus - Asiatic Russia 05:3220MSSB 
OH6E E41MS Finland - Palestine 05:3120mUSB 
YO9BCM A25UK Romania - Botswana 05:3020mUSB 
VK7CW VK4VXX/2 Australia - Australia 05:3040mSSB 
F6HUK LZ1JZ France - Bulgaria 05:3040mJT65 
IZ7GIT A25UK Italy - Botswana 05:2920mSSB 
PA3CPS RA3QEH Netherlands - European Russia 05:2840mJT65 
F8BUO A25UK France - Botswana 05:2817mCW 
VK7AC K7DAT Australia - United States 05:2830mJT65 
ON4VT ZS6MGM Belgium - Republic of South Africa 05:2720mJT65 
FK8DD VE6UX New Caledonia - Canada 05:2720mJT65 
UA3GT A25UK European Russia - Botswana 05:2717MCW 
SP50AB UX5MR Poland - Ukraine 05:2630MJT65 
SV2DFK OE3SGU Greece - Austria 05:2640mJT65 
F4FSY ZL3GK France - New Zealand 05:2640mJT65 
OP4A KX4CC Belgium - United States 05:2540mJT65 
N7MDW AG4ZP United States - United States 05:2540mJT65 
R9XAC KH6BE Asiatic Russia - Hawaii 05:2520MJT65 
UA3GT RV1CC/M European Russia - European Russia 05:2520MCW 
OZ1CU F1JFR Denmark - France 05:2440mJT65A 
VK7CW VK2IO/P Australia - Australia 05:2440mSSB 
RV6H RV1CC/M-CB22 European Russia - European Russia 05:2420MCW 
DG8RAU R75GAK Fed. Republic of Germany - European Russia 05:2320mPSK63 
K2GT KD0YTE Hawaii - United States 05:2360mJT65 
R3XAR R6AK European Russia - European Russia 05:2340mPSK63 
IT9YOZ A25UK Italy - Botswana 05:2317mCW 
4X4WU IZ7AVY Israel - Italy 05:2220mCW 
VK7AC EW8OW Australia - Belarus 05:2230mJT65 
F1PWS DL3HBT France - Fed. Republic of Germany 05:2140mJT65 
UY5AX RA9FGW Ukraine - Asiatic Russia 05:2120MJT9 
F8BUO A25UK France - Botswana 05:2030mCW 
W6AER OA4ASD United States - Peru 05:1940mJT65 
PA3CPS RX4CG Netherlands - European Russia 05:1940mJT65 
VK7AC HB9CSW Australia - Switzerland 05:1930mJT65 
OZ1EEY DB1HEF Denmark - Fed. Republic of Germany 05:1940mJT65 
SV2DFK EA5HM Greece - Spain 05:1840mJT9 
IW9HLN A25UK Italy - Botswana 05:1717mCW 
OE5KKP SV7JLA Austria - Greece 05:1740mPSK31 
R9XAC UR3IKX Asiatic Russia - Ukraine 05:1720MJT65 
IT9IQQ ZL4YL Italy - New Zealand 05:1740mCW 
PA8VK SP4OLL Netherlands - Poland 05:1640mJT65 
CN8AMA A25UK Morocco - Botswana 05:1520mUSB 
IZ1RHY N2JNZ Italy - United States 05:1440mJT65 
SM0FPR N7XM Sweden - United States 05:1430mCW 
ON3ML W1PFZ Belgium - United States 05:1440mJT65 
F4FSY OZ1CU France - Denmark 05:1440mJT65 
RA3QV UA4HEZ European Russia - European Russia 05:1440MPSK63 

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