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"Fifth Ocean" DX NET RV3YR QSO with members of "Fifth Ocean" for awards Club. Net-control: RV3YR, LZ1ZF14280every Sunday07.30 UTC Join
NFARES KW4HQ KW4HQ NFRES Net3573.000Sunday830PM Join
saturday morning dx net 9Y4C VO1UKZ W3DGE WN4V KK6KLU N3NTV KN4CTG KJ6ZSP N4UED N5OZG WH6DWF N8LLC KE0MQQ KM4QBC MM3ELT Saturday Morning DX NET on Echolink *DODROPIN*conference server18135.000Saturday11:00 UTC Join

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Welcome to KC3KEU
kc2mbv: Operating Digital


  • We have 13391 users online
  • On Air users: 257
  • Registered users: 46,205
  • Unique visitors: 52,940,315
  • QSO stored: 101,014,061
  • DB size: 55431.63 MB
  • QSO/H: 532
  • Queue size: 0

This server is hosted in a commercial data center. Support the costs and the future development!

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