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What is? is an independent online logbook, free for all Amateur Radio Operators.
First launched in December 2008 as the online logbook of Ham Radio Deluxe, it is now integrated with many other logbook programs.

What are the main features?

  • Share own logbook over the net.
  • Real time synchronization with Ham Radio Deluxe or on request logbook importation using standard ADIF file.
  • Members can display their last QSO and on-air status on own website.
  • Members can allow search their QSO on own website.
  • Members can display their last QSO and on-air status on own page on
  • View in real time the current ham activity, the last QSO over the world map, animation of last 24 hours.
  • Members can view, edit, delete, filter QSO by Country, Zone, Band, Mode.
  • Members can view their QSO over the world map.
  • Members can view their QSO statistics, numerate their QSO by Country, Mode, Band.
  • Members can create a personal web page.
  • Members can exchange electronic QSL.
  • Members can set own privacy level (full shared logbook, partial shared, no shared).
  • Members can received event based notification via e-mail or SMS.
  • Members can restore their logbook, useful after a PC crash.
  • Facebook integration: show logbooks, your on-air status, your QSL collection.
  • Current DXpeditions, next contest calendar, point of interest, public chat, forum, private message exchange, webcam support, friend list, shared resources, weekly top user election, rates and so on.

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Thanks to SP5CUK
PU1SSH: You have worked Kenya. Just reached 124 countries!


  • We have 20730 users online
  • On Air users: 282
  • Registered users: 73,724
  • Unique visitors: 56,219,385
  • QSO stored: 370,383,789
  • DB size: 155195.88 MB
  • QSO/H: 1061
  • Queue size: 0

This server is hosted in a commercial data center. Support the costs and the future development!

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