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Meatball N5HC For Swedish Speaking Ham Radio Operators in the Americas14319.000Saturday and Sunday1600 Join
Open Sunday NET KF5YUB Open7185.000Sunday20:00 Join
test G1VWC Pathfinders3760.000Every Day6am Join
WGN Net K9RJO DO6UW General Chat3573.000MWF Tues and Thurs 1900 UTC1400 UTC Join

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KG6PH: You have worked Lithuania. Just reached 147 countries!


  • We have 1314 users online
  • On Air users: 210
  • Registered users: 54,540
  • Unique visitors: 56,105,916
  • QSO stored: 165,358,466
  • DB size: 86182.25 MB
  • QSO/H: 871
  • Queue size: 0

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